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University Research Symposia

Research Symposia
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University poster sessions are RocketJudge’s bread and butter.

We work with dozens of universities across the U.S., streamlining poster sessions and oral talks so that our clients can focus on the important thing: highlighting student research.

Electronic scoring for research symposia

Research Symposia
Your students can focus on research and we'll handle the judging

For our university clients, using tags to easily sort competitors is critical. It’s one thing to instantaneously identify your top team; it’s another to be able to instantaneously sift through competitors to find the best biology project, the best chemistry project, the best sociology project, and so on. Eliminating the need to count paper ballots saves hours and hours of effort and allows specific awards to be announced altogether, the moment the competition ends.

Our university clients also love RocketJudge’s automatic feedback feature. After the event is over, one click emails the scores and comments to the competitors - anonymized of course - so that they get judge feedback quickly… while they still remember what they did.

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