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RocketJudge is a flexible judging platform that lets you make your events more exciting, dynamic, and stress-free. Learn how our customers are making more engaging events in the stories below.

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Food and Beverage

  Food & Beverage

RocketJudge has streamlined food and beverage competitions around the country.

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Professional Conferences


The American Chemical Society (ACS) and IEEE have engaged attendees at their annual meetings.

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Research Symposia

  Research Symposia

Symposia organizers are using RocketJudge to give detailed feedback to student researchers.

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Research Symposia

  Design Expos

RocketJudge takes the guesswork and tedium out of tallying scores and lets you announce awards faster.

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Pitch Videos

  Pitch Videos

Judge click play and score the video, all in the same screen, without clicking back and forth.

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Application Evaluations

  Application Evals

With RocketJudge, you can include a link to the application right in the ballot and collect scores and comments with ease.

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