RocketJudge was made for
Senior Design and Capstone Expos

Senior Design and Capstone Expos
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RocketJudge was originally designed for Senior Design Expo at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our founder, a PhD student at the time, was put to work translating the inscrutable handwriting of professors and local engineers and copying it into a shared google sheet of all the capstone undergraduate teams.

Was the score a 5 or a 6? A 4 or a 9? With the awards ceremony scheduled for later in the evening, time was of the essence.

The stress was no less for the professor in charge of the event: the flu was going around, and with a large number of no-show judges, he had to continuously re-do judge assignments and send volunteers out to update the judges with new information.

Electronic scoring for senior design and capstone expos

Senior Design and Capstone Expos
Instant results let you maximize excitement by announcing results as soon as voting ends

RocketJudge takes the guesswork out of tallying and automates these challenges, so our university clients can rest easy on the day of their event, knowing they won’t have to manage their assignments hands on.

Our platform also makes it easy to match judges to competitors based on expertise. Civil engineers evaluating civil engineering projects, biomedical engineers evaluating biomedical engineering projects, and so on.

Finally, our senior design clients also love that they can have multiple sets of criteria. No more interdepartmental wars, at least on judging criteria: if the mechanical engineering department wants to add an extra criterion for “working prototype,” that poses no issues for other departments.

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