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Science Fairs

Science Fairs
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RocketJudge has a bunch of nerds on staff, and science fairs are near and dear to our hearts.

We run district level science fairs as well as higher level ISEF affiliated science fairs, including the regional science fairs (RSEFs) and the state level science fair in the state of Georgia.

Electronic scoring for science fairs

Science Fairs
RocketJudge scoring helps Judges focus on student projects

Our science fair clients love that RocketJudge creates judge assignments automatically based on judge expertise. With more than 20 ISEF subcategories, optimizing matching for more than 200 competitors is no easy feat, but with RocketJudge, our clients can ensure that all competitors get covered evenly, by judges who know what they’re talking about.

For many of our science fairs, the awards ceremony follows judging immediately- there’s no time for tracking down judges who walked away with paper ballots, deciphering judge handwriting, or counting paper ballots. With RocketJudge, clients can announce the top winners in each category immediately.

Our science fair clients often also use our integrated registration feature to collect student information needed for the fair as well as register judges.

RocketJudge is also used for K-12 invention competitions, K-12 video pitch competitions (click here for more information), and Junior Science and Humanities Symposia.

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